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If you sign up on the forums before the release of the server, you will reserve an account in-game with the same name for theย OFFICIAL RELEASE.


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    Hello everyone, I am here to post the long await list of bug fixes for the beta players - if you have any issues with these bugs after they have been fixed please let me know in the discord! [25/12/19] - Slayer tasks fully working - fixed blocking tasks etc. - Fixed quest door in mages tower. - Fixed banking with D2H and Lava battlestaff. - Altered Dragon 2H spec so it doesn't bug anymore - more details in Trello. - Fixed autocasting cancelling on barrows degrading. - Fixed POS rank displaying with the higher donator ranks taking priority and also upgraded to display staff and youtuber ranks on the view stores window. - Cannot re-create bug with right click pick up items whilst in combat, seems to work fine. - Serp helm and Magma and Tanzanite helms now actually deflect both vemon and poison. - Fixed chimchompas being attackable. - Fixed PVM slayer. - Added Zamorak Brew potions and flasks to OSRS specification. [26/12/19] - Fixed Cooking on someone else's fire where if it went out you continued. - Fixed Bonfires on someone else's fire where if it went out you continued. - Fixed Bonfires timing, was rediculously slow and looked weird AF. - Fixed Teleblock timer not disappearing after. [29/12/19] - Added combination runes working - they are used in priority to the normal runes. - Fixed deleting of runes when spells like charge were already cast, it would delete runes then tell you you could not cast. - Combination runes fixed to work perfectly with staffs. - Casting spells with staffs no longer freezes and logs out players. - Check summoning familiars, no longer get stuck on a players logout. - Tested and found there's no bug with shop buying. Player simply did not have enough of one currency or another. - Fixed amount remaining on crashed shooting star. - Modified max cape emote to make it look better. [30/12/19] - Added Anti-venom+ (15 minutes immunity to poison and 3 minutes to venom). - Fix Anti-venom normal timers (12 minutes to poison and 1 minute to venom). - Added correct interfaces to wands, staffs etc. If they try to use autocast it will return with a message telling them to select from the magebook. - Looked at weapon speeds, as mentioned for level 1-50 range and everything looks fine to me. - You can home tele at 30+ wildy - only possible on higher ranked staff accounts - this has been tested. - Dropping 99 Capes donsn't work - maybe add a 'destroy' option - tested this and it works fine on owner and normal account. - Use notes on bank to un-note items has been added, will unnote until your inv is full. - Barrows totems now are destroyed upon dropping. - Fixed when u use quick prayers and then turn them off in prayer tab the icon that quick prayers are active is still active while no prayers are on. - Other Korasi ID's added to special attack so all off them have the spec attack avaialable. - Ring of suffering ri - currently not obtainable in game. All of the effects for this ring work on the RoS normal -> RoS (r) which is what will currently be going forward. - Added drop message for defenders in the warriors guild. - Fixed warriors guild doors both downstairs and upstairs. - Fixed combination runes and alching with a fire staff. [31/12/19] - Saradomin blessed sword now has it's own special attack with 1 hit, removing 65% of spec. [03/01/20] - Dialogue fixed for daily tasks for trying to reroll when you've already done it and also on completion of a task. - Added dragonfire effects for ancient wyvern shield and dragon fire ward. - Fixed Overload and Charge timers on death. - Tridents no longer requrie coins to charge. - Added super combat potions. - Occult necklace and Occult necklace (or) now require 70 magic to weild. - Biscuits removed from clue scroll rewards. - Brawling gloves (cooking) amount decreased to 1000 from 2000. - Fixed WOGW - if remaining amount is below 100k you can add the remaining amount else it'll tell u to add atleast 100k. - Dragonbone items now require the correct inventory space to split. - Could not recreate skillcape bank glitch - tried and failed. - If ::movehome is used on you, you will stop skilling. [07/01/20] - F keys custom binding now saves upon logout (Client sided). - Fixed ring of suffering (ri) to charge to OSRS specifications and to act in the same manner as the ring of recoil, with toggle effects. - Zul-andra teleports now work. - Key master teleports also now work. - Kodia wand can now be made using the master wand (6914, 36914) and the inspect option added to the insignia. - Hunter hood can now be bought with 99 hunter. - Summoning pouches for wolpertinger & ice titan now require all 3 items to make the pouch. - Woodcutting skill guide fixed. - Fixing the summoning skill guides. [08/01/20] - Cerberus crystal drops now can be bound to the correct boots. - Equipping item bug is not fixed, your character will no longer bug out. - Fixed Demonic Gorilla combat so it now Mimics OSRS as requested. - Vorkath now fires undead spawn as well as acid special, randomly after 6 normal attacks, before it was only acid special. - Smithing interfaces now fixed for glitching "1 bar". - Smithing levels now corrected will only show white indictating when you have the required level to make claws and rune platebody too. - Book of war and law now have correct bonuses. - Ancient book also has correct item bonuses. - Weight is now displayed in the when viewing worn equipment. - Untradeable items are taken out of the calculation for items to keep during death. This means all untradeables will be sent to the grim-reaper and you can keep more of the tradeable items. Main issue that was highlighted was Infernal cape. - Prayer renewal potion timer now resets upon dying, alongside the task of renewing your prayer and all is done within the correct time now. - Players who are jailed can no longer PM or be PMed, or post in clan chat. [09/01/20] - Fixed account guardian dialouge for switching EXP modes, no longer shows older EXP modes. - Finishing/Fixed the dialouge for uncharging RoS (ri). - Can now make 1, 5, 10 & X for special potions: Overloads, Extremes etc. - Can no longer execute item actions whilst teleporting: no eating/drinking. - Fixed Collection log, it will now pull together all of the drops received for every NPC in that class - fixes problems for Demonic Gorillas etc. - Virtuous wrapped jelly now has drop table. - You can now do emotes in combat - if you are in a clue scroll based situation. - Vorkath Zombie spawn now explodes and spawns are optimised based upon the players position. - # of Completed Daily tasks now show up on Misc statistics interface. - Made God command toggle-able - Prayer disable spells no longer inflict damage, they just knock off prayer. - Demonic Gorillas, attack switching tweaked slightly to further resemble OSRS. Thanks, Mikey96.
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    one does not post this in the wrong section... oh wait.
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    Sup, Most will know me from previous days but for those who don't; Names Jordan, pretty easy going and if you need help I am your guy. Outside of that I am pretty open about most things so don't be afraid to approach me with questions ๐Ÿ˜‰ I look forward to playing with you all.
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    Welcome to Dexter's Lab! Hello everyone and let me start off by both thanking you for checking out my introduction as well as interacting on the forums in order to help form a closer community here at Zaros. As you could most likely guess, my name is Dexter and I am the resident Forum Moderator here at Zaros. For those of you who wish to know a little bit more about me and what I do outside of sitting on this website all day like a lonely child looking out the window at the other kids playing in the street, let me tell you. I work in Law Enforcement and yes, that is in fact my patrol car in my profile picture. Those of you who have met me before may remember that, but probably not. I am originally from the Windy City of Chicago but have since moved to the Pacific Northwest hitting a few places in between. I have a wonderful girlfriend, (who is currently walking around behind me lighting candles that surprisingly smell quite good) though I won't reveal her name as she may be joining Zaros and posting her own introduction in the future. I'm a big football, basketball, and baseball fan but only follow my hometown teams. I was a swimmer in high school but was not a good student. That's about all I can think of at the moment for my Introduction here. If you have any questions for me don't hesitate to find me in-game or on Discord and ask! ~Dexter
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    Hi im apacheee and i do skrrrrrr
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    Looking great! Love seeing how much progress has already been made given how long we've been testing. Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ˜Š
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    Good to see everyone coming back together.
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    Oi oi lads ;)
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    one does not simply do the skrrr
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    Oh hello, didn't see you there
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